Selling a home with an old roof can be difficult. Here’s how you can get it replaced without having to make a huge investment.

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We have a listing right now with a roof that’s about 20 years old. For homebuyers, having insurance on a roof that old is very important, especially if you’re thinking of selling.

In this type of situation, I’ll first send a roofer that we trust to take a look at the property to examine things. We’ll look for hail damage first. If there isn’t any, we’ll check to see how much insurability and repairability there is in the roof.

If the roof is nearing the end of its useful life, patching it will only do so much, and could make for some ugly spots. Those tend to be a red flag to inspectors that something is wrong.

We can actually pay the deductible for the roof out of a home’s closing costs.

This listing’s roof ended up having hail damage. The homeowner called their insurance company, an adjuster agreed that it had hail damage, and then they agreed to replace the roof. 

When this kind of situation happens, we can actually have the roof replaced by insurance and pay the deductible out of the closing costs if the home is going to be sold. This can be a really useful play for home sellers who are a little tight on money.

If you have a roof that’s nearing the end of its life and you plan on selling soon, make sure you give us a call or email. We’d be happy to offer guidance and answer any questions you might have.