Here’s what sellers need to know about the listing process.

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Are you looking to list a home? The listing process can be overwhelming, but you can sell your home for top dollar if you take the right steps. Recently, we had a conversation with Jenny Didway, our transactions coordinator, about the listing process and how sellers can earn more in this market.

Many sellers want to know how real estate agents determine the suggested list price. First, we pull comparable properties off the MLS. We try to match these houses based on age, condition, square footage, and more. From there, we present a range of prices for you.

“Your buyers need to know everything relevant about the house.”

Once you find your price, you’ll need to take pictures of your home. Before snapping photos, make sure you declutter. Buyers should be able to focus on your home, not the random stuff lying around. Depending on the condition of your house, we may hire a stager to go through it and make things look as good as possible.

When it’s time to sell, make sure you disclose all the necessary information to your buyers. They need to know everything relevant about the house. If the roof has been replaced, you need to disclose it. For example, if the roof has been replaced, or if there are any minor repairs you haven’t made yet, you need to tell them.

One thing that some people don’t know is sellers also have closing costs. Typically, they run about 1% or 1.25% of the purchase price. They cover your taxes, insurance, revenue stamps, title, and a few other things.

Finally, many sellers want to know if they can just outright reject an offer if they don’t like it. You can, but we don’t encourage it. We always recommend you at least go to the negotiating table. Many buyers make low offers upfront because they expect you to counteroffer. At the very least, we hope you give your buyers a chance.

If you have questions about today’s topic or anything else, please call or email us. We are always willing to help!