Do you need to get professional photos taken when selling your house?

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Marketing your house correctly will always net you more money. Photos are an important factor in marketing homes these days. Today I’m chatting with Christina from Real Estate Photography NWA. We’re going to give sellers some guidance and advice on why they should care about getting professional photos taken and what they should be doing to get their homes ready for pictures.

Why is it important to have professional photos taken?

These are the photos that you are putting on the internet and using to market your home to potential buyers. They are likely going to be the first impression a buyer has and you want to make it a good one.

What can sellers do to make the photos more appealing?

Declutter, clean your house, and remove personal items and pictures. Make all areas of the home accessible to the photographer. Do not move furniture or other items after the photos are taken. Doing so can mess up the virtual tour.

It is possible to sell your home with amateur pictures, but you won’t get top dollar.

How do virtual tours help with the selling process?

With pictures, you can only see so much of a home. With a virtual tour, you get an experience that is much closer to physically touring the home. You can walk through, see the layout, and how rooms connect to one another. That’s important for buyers.

Are professional photos necessary in this hot market?

It is possible to sell your home with amateur pictures, but you won’t get top dollar for it. Professional photos let the buyer know that the seller and their real estate team care about the property they’re selling. They lend integrity to the transaction. 

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