Listing Coordinator Lisa Volpe tackles your seller questions.

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Today I’m joined by our listing coordinator Lisa Volpe to talk through some of the common seller questions she receives on a day-to-day basis in hopes that we can shed some light on the process for you and equip potential sellers in our market with as much know-how as possible.

What do I need to do to prepare for showings?

Obviously, you want your house to look the best it possibly can for potential buyers out there. We offer professional staging upon request, and our stagers can complement high-quality photography to create a big ‘wow’ factor for buyers. Keep in mind, the garage isn’t typically photographed, so if you have clutter that needs to be tucked away so that the rest of your house can shine, consider moving it there.

Pets in the home are another seller concern; make sure your four-legged friends are secure so that it’s not awkward for agents and clients that come into the home.

How much notice will I be given prior to a showing?

There is no standard. Though we’d love ample time, the truth is that serious buyers are out there right now, and if you’re not available for them in a timely manner, you can miss out on a quality, win-win transaction. Don’t let yourself start to think of showings primarily as an inconvenience. Instead, remember that every single request you get could be the buyer for your home. Accommodate every single request you possibly can.

If I miss a showing, what are the chances of rescheduling?

The chance of getting a second shot at any given buyer is minimal to none. The buyer may need to go under contract today, and if you reschedule the showing for tomorrow, it’ll be too many hours too late. While it’s always possible that rescheduling might work, you should never count on it. It may feel uncomfortable or a tad frustrating having to constantly be available, but never lose sight of the goal: selling your house. You want to get it right.

The chance of getting a second shot at any given buyer is minimal to none.

Will I have a chance to review everything before going live on the market?

Before going live, you’ll have an opportunity to review the listing details of your home, as well as the pictures and the tour. That way, you can verify that everything we have is correct before we push it out in front of buyers.

Once your property does go live, it’s sent to each of the approximately 3,200 real estate agents on the board, making it all the more important that we have things right from the get-go. If something does need to be adjusted with the listing, it’s certainly possible to edit, but the changes take time to transfer, especially to some of those third-party sites. The majority of your showings will occur in that first period after going live, so you don’t want to lose any time making corrections.

Okay, so I just went live. How can I track my listing’s performance?

We provide listing summary reports weekly, and these include showing feedback from agents, online activity from third-party sites, and suggestions on how we can remain proactive. The latter may involve repairs, cleanings, or price adjustments (if necessary).

It’s important that you, as a seller, are constantly provided with the straight facts, whether they’re easy to hear or hard to swallow. The most important thing to pay attention to is buyers’ real-time reactions to your listing. If you can change your strategy proactively, you’ll always come out on top.

Hopefully, our Q&A with Lisa was helpful and cleared up any confusion you may have had regarding how and why we approach the home selling process the way we do. As always, reach out via phone or email with any questions; we’re here to help you however we can.