Here’s my full conversation with Jose Montes on common painting questions.

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Today I’m talking with our painter, Jose Montes, about what you need to think about when painting your house. I had a lot of questions for Jose, so I appreciate him taking the time to talk. 

Jose, what should I look for when I hire a painting contractor?

The first thing I would do is look for recommendations. Whether it’s on the internet or in person, you want confirmation from a third party that your contractor does a good job. There are plenty of great websites for this, but if you want an in-person recommendation, paint stores like Sherman Williams are a great place to ask around. 

How do people paint their house to get it ready for sale?

When people are looking to sell their homes, they want to save money on painting. My job as the contractor is to help them, so I recommend a makeup coat. This gives your home the impression of being new and clean without burning a hole in your wallet. 

Do I need to be there when you come to paint my house?

You do not have to be home when we paint your house. My professional team shows up, gets the job done, and leaves. There’s no babysitting required on your part. 

How do you determine what to charge?

Most of the time, I charge based on the square feet of the home. However, if there were extra touch-ups that we needed to do, I’ll factor the time they took into the final cost. 

Do I need to move everything out of my house before you come to paint?

I highly recommend moving important furniture and items out of your house before we paint. We can help you move things, but we don’t want to if possible because we might accidentally damage something.


My professional team shows up, gets the job done, and leaves your home better than we found it. 


What color do I choose?

Right now, neutral colors like grey are popular. If you have a small home, using lighter colors can make it appear bigger. But in the end, whatever color you prefer is the right choice. 

How long does the painting process take? 

This depends on the size and shape of your home, but painting a typical 25,000 square foot home inside and out would take about two weeks. 

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today. If somebody wants to paint their home, where can they reach you?

You can give me a call at 479-305- 4923. My team is always ready and willing to help.

Hopefully, this conversation answered some of your painting questions. If you have any more questions about today’s topic or real estate in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. I am always willing to help.